10 Best Paid Jobs Out There

In the last few years, most people have been feeling some financial changes. Everything has tightened up a bit, and there’s not quite as much extra money floating around as there was before. But, in fact, according to several recent studies, there are still some professions making plenty of money. The results of the surveys… Continue reading 10 Best Paid Jobs Out There

How to Create a Career Development Plan

Your career is yours, not your employer’s. If you want progression and better earnings, waiting and hoping is rarely a winning strategy. Accept ownership and take control of your career. Personal career planning strongly increases both your immediate prospects and your longer-term potential, and our career plan template below will get you on track and… Continue reading How to Create a Career Development Plan

Should you change jobs?

Unless you’re retiring soon, the answer should always be yes. If you’re not considering a job change to move your career forward, you’ll start losing ground at some point. Picking the right time to change jobs is everything, so swap the word ‘yes’ for ‘potentially’ and you’re in charge, ready to switch jobs when the… Continue reading Should you change jobs?

How to ask for a pay rise?

“I’m buying a Porsche, so I need a pay rise to run it.” You might be worth the extra money, but that style of approach just won’t deliver it for you. Whether you’re looking for a decent annual pay rise, launching an interim salary negotiation or discussing a new job, don’t focus on what you… Continue reading How to ask for a pay rise?