10 Best Paid Jobs Out There

In the last few years, most people have been feeling some financial changes. Everything has tightened up a bit, and there’s not quite as much extra money floating around as there was before. But, in fact, according to several recent studies, there are still some professions making plenty of money. The results of the surveys offer an interesting insight into which jobs society seems to think of as being the most valuable. This is what some of the best-paid people have found themselves doing…


1. Running companies

Unsurprisingly, CEOs are the best paid bunch out there, with an average salary of over £120,000, according to a recently published report by This is Money. To make real money, it seems, it doesn’t matter what you do, you just have to be in charge.

2. Flying planes

Becoming a pilot is possibly the best paid vocational career. With salaries that average nearly £78,000, pilots prove that you don’t have to work directly with money in order to make a whole lot of it.

3. Saving lives

In any society, one job that people really value is that of keeping us all alive and well. In the UK, medical practitionersare high up on the list of high-earners, making an average of just under £70,000 a year.

4. Getting you to buy things

Thought no one was buying anything any more? Think again. People who work in advertising, marketing and sales are out there pushing new and shiny things at the general public, and making a whole lot of money doing it. Directors in any of these fields are all within the realms of the top 15 best paid occupations in the nation, according to This is Money.

5. Keeping the streets safe

We tend not to think of our police officers as being particularly well paid. But, in fact, senior police officers are making just as much as those working in finance, with an average salary of around £60,000.

6. Educating people

It’s not only the long holidays that make teaching an attractive career. According to this report, the senior professionals of education establishments make an average of £50,000 a year.

7. Handling money

Even since the recession, there’s still a whole lot of money to be made in money. This is Money puts the managers and directors of financial institutions in the top ten best paid professions in the country, and the Telegraph reported that they earned an impressive average of £55,500 a year.

8. Developing gadgets

If you’re any good with technology, you’re in for a treat, because the world of IT and telecommunications is really where the money is at the moment. We’ve all got gadgets galore, and we don’t just need people to buy them from – we need people to fix them, update them, and make them better. The technological landscape is constantly changing and growing, and the directors who are earning an average of £63,500 know there’s going to be plenty of money there in the future.

9. Settling arguments

Lawyers have always been reputedly well paid, and it appears the rumours are true. For fighting other people’s battles for them, or making the paperwork water-tight, legal professionals have been raking in an average salary exceeding £61,500.

10. Powering things

With all this talk about green energy, you can tell that a lot of our attention is focused on the future of power. Those currently working in energy and mining know all about that. With production managers and directors earning an average of over £72,500, it seems there is plenty of money to go around.

It’s fair to say that great responsibility comes with great rewards, and the jobs listed above are neither easy nor without significant pressures. They all entail long and stressful hours, and also carry responsibility for the welfare, safety, financial well-being and livelihoods of many others.

Something to consider, if you’re sitting and staring out the office window, daydreaming of a job that pays more money…