Career changer cover letter template

There is no shame in deciding that a particular career wasn’t the one for you, so don’t be sheepish about addressing this in your application. In fact, your commitment to making such a bold decision will speak volumes. There are a few simple steps you can take to help you application, one being a winning covering letter. Here are a few tips on how to write one.

Be upfront about your decision

As we’ve already said, don’t try to disguise your decision – clearly state that you are looking to change careers, and where possible, highlight what led you to do so. Is it a desire to do something more meaningful and personally fulfilling? Are you looking for a greater challenge? Whatever your reason, don’t fall into the trap of being negative about your current employer or industry.

Clearly demonstrate the appeal of your preferred career

People don’t tend to take this decision lightly, and chances are you’ll have done a great deal of research about the roles and companies you’re targeting – make sure this comes through. Include a few sentences about why you want to work for that company, and where possible, give examples and reflect their language.

Highlight transferrable skills

How have you already demonstrated the ability to lead a team, or excellent communication skills? Regardless of your experience, tell the person reading the letter what makes you worth employing. Consider using the words, I am honest, praised for my… – and list your strengths, such as your interpersonal or problem-solving skills.